Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grounded for 44 hours

Another road. Another long time for deliberations upon observations. 
I only have the reference of the trip to Barcelona. By bus. 11 hours, not much, not little - honestly. I mean - the most recent bus trip. And also the European one. European = Non-Moldavian. This one is, let's say, thrice as long (I thought... ended up being 4 times 11h...). And hey, 5 times less people in the bus. 

Anyways, I like the specifics of Moldavian long distance transportation. What is there to like, right... But still, must say, logically, turns out more comfort than the international European transportation. 
Let's see. All started with - you won't believe - the very popular way of getting together among Moldavian people - one glass in a round. The first five passengers got served by the welcoming second driver a shot of cognac in a single plastic glass - one glass going in round from a person to the other. Good, huh? I wasn't about to be the very social passenger, but couldn't avoid interaction later - at least to say that there was too much drink in the glass and I need less...

That is the deal with Moldavian long term trips. The bus, especially when there are not many people, turns into a sort of family for the 30 hours, more or less, of the road. 

Road trip through Italy - beautiful
What do you do during all this time? Despite what you might think and deduce from the beginning of the journey, we don't get that close as to start a crazy drinking marathon. The best way to keep people occupied is to stick their sight to a screen with moving images - show them a long running film or two or three... Or, in the nowadays realities, show them series. Perfect solution... One season of a Russian popular show - everybody gets the specificity, the humor, the tones, the puns etc.

And here comes the fun part. In my concrete case it was one character among the passengers, sitting in front of me, that I named "hyperactive type". He was the only one reacting to the funny parts of the show. Well, the only one everybody saw was reacting. He was laughing loud, retelling the funny phrases, "explaining" the jokes and so on. A rather jovial type. He doesn't know how to use a smartphone ( he said that looking at me chatting at a WiFi hot-spot), so I imagine he's a rather simple countryside man, doing a simple job somewhere in Italy, caring for someone or maybe carrying something... Making rather stupid jokes, rather flat ones, in the end - enjoying his rather mediocre life, apparently... Why complain and be grumpy, really? With a smile, it's all the same, just a little better, easier...

The yellow region is where I found WiFi
The other passengers would present interest too, no doubt, would be rather interesting to describe here. A girl was coming from Milan where she went for a specific treatment in the best dermatology clinic in Europe. Another woman working in a mental hospital... But all these are stories to be told. This male character was in my sight all the time, and was obviously making most noise. Although, I was probably the most moving of all of them, always standing up to get some food from the shelf and lying down on 3 seats at once, blocking the central passage.

Nevertheless, my blocking skills have been bet... By the lady that laid down right on the floor - otherwise she couldn't fall asleep or didn't feel comfortable - backache maybe, who knows, didn't ask...
And then, by night, everybody got silent, half-sleepy, half impatient to get to destination that was just some hours away now. And obviously, the closer to Moldova, the more you feel it - with your whole body, bouncing in all directions every meter of the road. I feel like my brain is spread all over the bus window, the back of my seat and little sprinkles on the backpack under the seat. The butt is numb with sitting, the head is numb with the show, the snow is actively arranging the winterish landscape. And all everybody wants is to get to the border - the last one. 

Who would have known that crossing the border will be a pain too! 4 or 5 hours waiting for the custom service and the drivers to unpack, inspect and repack all the luggage in the trunk and in the trailer - 90% packages transmitted from Italy to Moldova instead of using postal services.  But what is 5 hours in customs after the 36 on the road before that... Nothing, you'd think... You're wrong... It's the unexpected obstacle that you get the most annoyed with. That was not supposed to be there. That was not supposed to be an obstacle. It's like sailing a sinking ship while seeing the destination shore. Will you manage to reach it or not? And when?

Another two hours or so and a taxi ride after that and I am home. By breakfast time. I was told "Good night!" at 9AM.

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